What to Expect

Your MRI Technologist will ask you to remove all jewelry, eyeglasses, hearing aide, dentures, credit cards, or any other metallic objects not listed. These may affect the quality of the images or cause harm when placed within the magnetic field. An MRI is a non-invasive procedure- you will feel no pain from the magnetic field or radio waves used for the MRI test. You may, however, hear loud noises from the machine from time to time. This is normal, and we will offer you ear plugs or headphones to sound out these noises. It is important to lie as still as possible. Movement may cause poor image quality and require a repeat of the exam. You can bring a prescription sedative if you feel it will help you relax, but if you plan to do so, please arrange for transportation home after the exam. Within 24 hours, you will have a written report back from our Radiologist.


MRI Preparation

An exam will last about 30 minutes per body part and requires no special preparation. You can eat normally and take any medications as you are prescribed by your doctor. Please wear comfortable, loose clothing with no metal snaps, zippers, etc. If you are pregnant or have anything metallic in your body, please let us know ahead of time as an MRI may not be safe for you. Please arrive to your appointment at least 10 minutes early in order to complete required paperwork and allow us to answer any questions or concerns you may have.


What is an MRI?

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is a test that uses a magnetic field and pulses of radio wave energy to make pictures of organs and structures inside the body. For an MRI test, the area of the body being studied is placed inside a special machine that contains a strong magnet. Pictures from an MRI scan are digital images that can be saved and stored on a computer for further interpretation.


Our MRI Magnets

GE Excite 1.5T

$399 MRI. No Doctor's Order Required.