We do not take insurance, and only accept a personal check, credit/debit card or a health savings debit card for your MRI. We have also partnered with CareCredit as an additional payment method. See below for more details on CareCredit.


Express MRI is a Self Pay Facility

Express MRI does not accept any third party insurance or any governmental insurance programs such as Medicare or Medicaid. However, Express MRI will provide you with a receipt for your paid services that you can use to submit a health insurance claim to your provider. We do not file any claims and can not be responsible for issues associated with your insurance company’s reimbursement policies.


If paying $399 all at once is an issue and strains your budget, CareCredit offers interest-free payment arrangements that allows you to finance medical services over an extended period of time.

Learn more about how CareCredit Works

How do I pay for my MRI with CareCredit?

$399 MRI. No Doctor's Order Required.